Sheri “Sparkle” Williams, Wayne Kramer, and Albert Hurwit share their stories on the national television broadcast, Lifecasters.

Lifecasters pairs award-winning filmmakers with interview subjects to tell a multi-layered, multi-platform story. In the one-hour broadcast for the PBS primetime program, the filmmakers will dramatically profile three inspiring subjects for Lifecasters.

The goal of Lifecasters is to inspire, engage and motivate national PBS audiences to share their underdog journeys of overcoming the odds. In today’s climate, this series is designed to bring hope and models for achieving goals to viewers.

BAVC and Sunny Side Up Films are producing the project; the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS are supporting the project through the CPB/PBS Diversity & Innovation Fund. Lifecasters was selected through a highly competitive RFP process that garnered over 200 submissions.

The three Lifecasters:

1. The Beast and The Angel
Filmmakers: Adam McKay and Shira Piven
Lifecaster: Wayne Kramer

2. Sparkle
Filmmakers: Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert
Lifecaster: Sheri “Sparkle” Williams

3. The Gambling Man
Filmmakers: Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly
Lifecaster: Alby Hurwit